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DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing - C/TPA Services

  • Random Drug/Alcohol Testing

  • Annual Percentage Requirements

  • Return-To-Duty and Follow-Up Program Administration

  • USDOT MIS Reporting

  • Laboratory/MRO Bundled Drug Testing

  • Supervisor/Reasonable Suspicion Substance Abuse Training (Fulfills 2 Credit Hour USDOT Requirement)

DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Administration
Drug-Free Workplace
Policies & Programs
  • DOT and/or Dept. of Labor Compliance Policies

  • Violation Statements

  • Supervisor/Employee Training and Education

  • Drug-Testing Statements

  • Drug-Testing Assurances and Confidentiality

  • FMCSA Clearinghouse Assistance

  • FMCSA Full/Limited Query Administration

Provides training and support for supervisors that need to make a reasonable suspicion determination.

DOT Reasonable
Suspicion Training

DER Training

Training and ongoing support and resources for companies appointed Designated Employer Representative

Additional Services

Non-DOT Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Testing in our facility

  • On-site scheduled testing at your workplace, office, or job site (Restrictions may apply)


Personal / Court / Judicial  Testing:

  • Rapid Result Testing

  • Hair Follicle Testing

  • Monitored Collections

  • Rapid Drug Test Kits For Sale

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