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Designated Employer Representative (DER) Compliance Training


Classes can be performed on-site at your facility conference or classroom, or via Zoom. This course and materials are all inclusive with instruction on Drug and Alcohol testing procedures, DER responsibilities, and how to handle results. Classes range from a 4 to 6 hour time-frame depending on class size. Certificates issued after course completion. Q&A session with Instructor after session, Sample Documentation, and Comprehensive DER Guide provided.


Course Description:


  • This class provides support and training for the appointed DER, their responsibilities in the Drug and Alcohol testing process, and also how to uphold and follow companyʻs Drug-Free Workplace policies and procedures.


The course topics cover:

  • The DER's role in a DOT or Non-DOT Testing Program

  • Training on Drug and Alcohol testing procedures

  • How to handle testing and resulting issues

  • Compliant Record Keeping and resulting procedures

  • How to provide assistance and support to employees who are placed in Non-Safety Sensitive duty or probation after a Positive Result

  • Introduction to DOT, policy, and best-practice resources for continued success

  • FMCSA Clearinghouse: Registration, queries, and other details

  • DOT Oral Fluid testing regulations, elements, and how to implement standing orders (vs Urine testing)



Supervisor Requirements:


According to 49 CFR 382.603, The Dept. Of Transportation or DOT requires any supervisor who send or refers employees for drug and/or alcohol testing under a DOT certified drug testing program become trained in the administration and implementation of these procedures. Typically, any driver who drives either local or on the road must have an initial drug and alcohol screen. These same employees are required to be part of a random testing plan that is managed by the company or a Third Party Administrator (TPA). This training program will ensure the supervisor develops and maintains a complete testing program while limiting the company's legal and regulatory exposure affiliated with these types of activities.


For any further questions on this or any other matter, please Contact our Director, Rhonda Burk.

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