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​A Minority Woman-Owned Business

Our Director Rhonda Burk is a Drug-Free Workplace Specialist that designs and executes policies and programs for Drug-Free Workplaces. Rhonda devotes a considerable amount of time counseling employers and HR Personnel in the setup, compliance, on-going processes and support for mandated and non-mandated Drug-Free Workplace programs regardless of company size.


Her certifications include:

  • Certified Professional Collector Trainer

  • Certified Breath Alcohol Technician

  • Certified Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry (DATIA) Program Management

  • Certified Designated Employer Representative (DER) Trainer - DOT Drug and Alcohol Program Compliance for DOT Employers

  • Working Partners for US Dept. of Labor


Her affiliations include: DATIA (Drug and Alcohol Testing Association), BIA Hawaii, Hawaii Transportation Association


Accupro Screeningʻs Mission

As a genuine third party drug and alcohol testing administrator, our objectives are:


  • To create a safe and drug-free workplace for our clients and their employees.

  • To educate our clients on issues subject to Department of Transportation (DOT) drug and alcohol testing requirements.

  • To provide our clients with the benefit of our experience and training in full service drug and alcohol program administration, treatment referrals, and all other service needs.

  • To counsel employers and HR personnel in the setup and on-going compliance of drug-free workplace policies for companies large and small.


We also provide lab-resulted Urine and Hair Follicle​ Drug Tests approved for use in Family and Divorce Court hearings.

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